How to Resolve Roku Error Code 020 | HDCP Error in Roku

If you are facing Roku Error Code 020 in your Roku device then the reason for this is HDCP error. If you do not know the meaning of HDCP, then HDCP means High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection. This is a kind of DRM that gives you data piracy.

Users often have to face this error code under certain circumstances, if you want to know about those reasons then read the information given below.

When do users face Roku Error Code 020?

With the help of the information given below, users will be able to know the reasons for Roku Error Code 020, so read the information given properly.

1. Users have to face this error code due to faulty HDMI cables & connectors.

2. If your Roku device finds that the TV’s content protection technology doesn’t match then users face Roku Error Code 020.

So these were some of the reasons why users have to face this error code. So if you are also facing this problem then do not worry because in today’s blog you will get the right solution to this problem, so that you will be able to find the right solution to this problem easily.

Roku Error Code 020

Steps to Fix Roku Error Code 020 | HDCP Error in Roku

If you want a correct solution to this problem, then follow the steps given below and get a solution in no time.

Step 1: First of all, you have to check whether the screen color changes to purple when you switch on the Roku player. If it does, then this is due to HDCP error.

Step 2: Now, no need to worry about this error code you have to simply detach the HDMI cable from the Roku player and the TV. After that simply remove the HDMI connector as well, if it is being used.

Step 3: Now you have to power off the TV to which the Roku device has been connected. Simply detach its power cable.

Step 4: Now in last step simply remove the Roku device’s power cable.

Step 5: Further this, re-attach the HDMI cable to the Roku player and make sure it is connected properly.

Step 6: Now, proceed to connect the TV’s power cable and the Roku device’s power cable.

Step 7: After that, the Roku device and TV will be switched on.

Step 8: Now, you will find that the Roku Error Code 020 on HDCP error has been fixed.

With the help of these steps, users can easily find the right solution for Roku Error Code 020 or HDCP Error.

But some Roku users are very worried about other error codes in their Roku device like ROKU ERROR CODE 006, ROKU ERROR CODE 009, ROKU ERROR CODE 005, ROKU ERROR CODE 018, so if you are also worried about these error codes then don’t worry, just follow the steps mentioned on our website and get a solution

Conclusion: Roku Error Code 020 is faced by the users due to HDCP error which causes the users to face the purple screen in their Roku TV. So if you too are facing this error, then follow the steps mentioned and find the right solution.

Roku Error Code 020

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